Soils and Sands

Level a yard, or begin a patio project, so many home-improvement projects begin with soils and sands.

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C33 Sand

C33 Sand

Fine sand; primary uses are mixing with cement to create a smooth top finish and to create a soft base for walkways. Also provides a soft natural base for an above ground pool project.
Red Mason Sand

Red Mason Sand

It is just as often referred to as Mortar Sand, Builder's Sand or Mason's Sand. It's a naturally eroded sand dug from huge quarry deposits, so the sand particles are somewhat rounded.
Screened Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt

Commonly used in landscaping to adjust the level of the ground, ideal when sculpting the terrain around a backyard pool or pond. May contain sand, rock, and stone in addition to dirt.
Murray Blend

Murray Blend

An organic blend, that is PH balanced; Mushroom Compost, Leaf Compost, Soil Conditioner, and bark fines.
Top Soil

Top Soil

Top Soil is a mixture of soil, 10 % compost mixed together. This is used in raised beds and for trees and shrubs and subtle landscaping.

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