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Step 1
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Select Material Also known as Unit measurement
Mulch Mulch Cubic Yard (CY)
Topsoil Dirt Cubic Yard (CY)
#57 Stone #57 Stone Ton
River Rock Round Stone, Decorative Gravel Ton
ABC, Crusher Run Driveway Mix Ton
Stone Dust Washed Screenings Ton
Sand Red Mason Sand/ Concrete Sand/C33 Ton
Rip-Rap Slope Protection Ton

Step 2
(NOTE: depth is in inches, not feet )
Step 3
Click Calculate to get amount needed
Length (feet)
Width (feet)
Depth (inches)
General Hints & Measurements:

1 Ton = 2000 lbs

1 Acre = 43,560 Square Feet
Area for Square:

Rectangle : Length X Width
Circle : Radius x Radius x 3.14
Triangle : Length x Width x 0.5
Area/Conversions for Cubic:

Cubic = L x W x H
Cubic Inches to Cubic Feet : Cubic Inches / 1728
Cubic Feet / 27 = Cubic Yards
Cubic Yard / 1.4 = Tons

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